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Wine is Our Specialty

A boutique experience with a local wine shop feel. We stock a curated selection of traditional, biodynamic, and organic wines from the U.S. and abroad at every price point. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just getting started, our dedicated team of wine specialists will help you find your perfect bottle every time.

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Lindsay M.
Google Local Guide

This is a terrific local wine shop - fantastic selection and surprisingly affordable. The owner is great - very knowledgeable about wine and has greeted me by name since the second time I visited. Needless to say, I'm now a regular customer. So highly recommend, I'd give it another star if I could!

Ann S.

Hold the ponies... stop buying your wine from those other places... you know the ones, where other food items are purchased. Outstanding selections, along with outstanding service. [The owner's) brain is like a sponge, it remembers - not only what you bought before, but what might peak your interest down the road.

Christina L.
Google Review

I always love going into Crate. Being that I am NOT a wine connoisseur, I just ask and they always give spot on advice. All the recipients of wine have raved about my perfect choices. If they only knew my secret....

Off the Beaten Path

We absolutely LOVE to see how our space has turned into a warm and inviting local go-to for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Check out WNC Magazine's write-up on some amazing shops you should definitely check out, even if they are a bit hidden gems!

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"...a mandatory stop at our favorite mountain wine shop..."

According to Maxim's October 2021 review of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Billed Monthly - Cancel Anytime

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Get The Right Wine

Our experienced staff is here to help you from selecting the appropriate food pairings, to taking the stress out of planning the wine list for a wedding, anniversary or other event. We'll keep your budget in mind while helping you select varietals and figure out how much wine you will need.


Make an Impression

Wine makes a great gift and Crate offers free gift wrapping all year round. Crate also stocks a variety of locally crafted items and accessories to round out your perfect gift.


Knowledge is Power

Understanding what's in the bottle, how it got there, and how to experience it makes wine exponentially more enjoyable. Do you have questions about biodynamic, organic, natural, orange, or sustainable varieties? No problem. Our staff will empower you on your wine journey.


A Wine Club for the Adventurous

Get away with something good every month. Expand your palate and discover a variety of new and exclusive wines not available in the store. Click here to learn more.

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wine market, wine tasting, wine specialist
wine market, wine tasting, wine specialist